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Renting a Motorcycle

Posted by Admin Acala at 04 Sep, 2018

Nusa Penida is large and you’ll need some form of private transport to see the sights as public transport is nonexistent, bar a couple of unofficial irregular bemos that run between the north coast towns. Motorbike hire starts around IDR 75,000 per day, but we heard reports that when demand outstrips supply, they have gone for as much as IDR 250,000 per day—that’s without a driver. Roads can be dangerous and are not suitable for beginners. Insist on a helmet, but you may be better off bringing your own as few are available. Wear long pants and sleeves and enclosed shoes, not only is it respectful of the local culture, it will literally save your skin if you fall. When you head out for the day, make sure you have enough petrol, you don’t want to be stuck in a remote area with an empty tank, that goes for carrying drinking water too. Due to the bad roads, flat tyres are common, luckily there’s a bengkel (bike workshops) in every village and you’ll have to pay for the repairs yourself. Routes are not well signposted and GPS navigation is not always accurate—expect to get lost. If you are not confident on a motorbike (or your insurance doesn’t cover you for driving one), hire a bike with a driver. These generally start around IDR 200,000 per day, and will end up saving you time as the locals generally know where they are going, and you may get to make a new local friend too. A car with driver starts around IDR 500,000 per day and can usually fit up to five passengers. As well as the bad road conditions expect traffic jams particularly enroute to the popular sights. Bike hire and taxis can generally be arranged at the harbour or your accommodation can help with getting a good deal. The north coastal road is flat, and relatively easy by bicycle, although we didn’t find any bike hire places, locals will rent you one for IDR 50,000 per day, but if you intend heading to the hills, you’ll need a good level of fitness as elevation reaches 500 metres on rough roads.

The roads on Nusa Penida are, as you will be warned, bad. The further you travel from the harbour, the worse the roads get. Expect thin, gravel roads, large potholes and the occasional surprise. In saying all of this, you can still ride a bike around Nusa Penida Safely. You just need to go slow. Even when the roads appear to be good, you should still drive slow as you never know what is coming up around the corner.

acala penida

Pharmacies as we know them are not available on Nusa Penida. In Sampalan, there is a small kiosk from which I managed to buy some cough medicine. They really only stock the bare minimum. There a couple of medical centres, one of which is in Sampalan if you need further care.